28 November 2009

Early Christmas colour

This is shaping up as a great year for the flowering trees. The jacarandas were earlier and bluer than usual. And now the poincianas are all out, including this pair standing guard over the entrance to our driveway. Soon the gravel underneath will be strewn with their fiery red petals. A little mound of topsoil near the mailbox awaits my rake. I'll be spreading out this 'filler' over the sloping verge, then laying down a few rolled-up lengths of grass from the turf farm down the road. The original grass died when the hillside was swamped by a stand of bamboo that AH managed to grub out over several seasons. I've planted lilly pillys and grevilleas along that boundary now. So we'll see if we can coax the verge back to green.

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