09 June 2013

A memory of friendship

This orchid opened this morning – a beacon of brightness on an otherwise bleak and wet winter day. The annual flowering of this plant always brings to mind John and Gillian Unicomb. They left the orchid behind as a thank-you gift more than ten years ago, after they'd had a holiday in our house during one of our absences overseas.

John and Allen were at high school together. Then both went on to a lifetime of work in the theatre – only working together once in their late 50s when John played an outstanding Willy Loman in a wonderful production of Death of a Salesman, directed by Allen. Gilly and I first met in Hobart in 1971. We were neighbours and had our babies together the next year.

Sadly, John died earlier this year. So the annual flowering of this orchid brings lovely memories of a very dear man – and of the power of friendships.


Snowbrush said...

I'm so sorry you lost your friend, but so glad that you have a lovely reminder.

When my father died, he left behind a peace lily, which I didn't want, but I thought that, well, how long could a houseplant live. It's now 20 years old, and I have come to love it and have even bought other plants to go with it.

Red said...

I'm sorry about your loss. You have a great way to remember your friend.
And I will remark that lucky you get orchids in the winter!

The Blog Fodder said...

A great way to remember a friend.
I finally read "Death of a Salesman" last year. Not sure I could sit through a production. what a powerful story.

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