09 October 2012

A quiet morning

The walking iris all flowered at the same time last week, but only for a day. Today they are flowering again, but they'll be finished tomorrow. Never mind. It's a glorious treat for 24 hours.

I sat here with my tea to absorb their delicate beauty (not yet on show when this picture was taken). But I could not stay for long.

A line-up of birds in nearby bushes and trees were waiting to bathe: blue-faced honeyeaters, noisy miners, lewin honeyeaters, and this morning even the king parrot couple followed by two butcherbirds (mama and junior).

So we moved to the front verandah to take our coffee. Allen is determined to keep reading at least some of each NY Times Book Review. I am finally sorting my accumulated plant labels.


Red said...

Bird descriptions and photos are very interesting as we don't have the same birds here. Nice to see that someone has spring!

Anonymous said...

Ah Spring photos are a treat. We froze over all but one of our flowers last night. Nice to see this lovely tea tray and Allen looking well.

Snowbrush said...

I love your photos because they make your home look like such a delightful place to be. I also love it that your blog looks so much like my blog. Congratulations on resisting any possible temptation to jazz it up and to separate your posts so that a person can't scroll down through the recent ones. In this, anyway, the old way is the best way.

Chartreuse said...

Thank you, friends, for your kind comments. I very much need this motivation to get back to more frequent posting. I've been so lazy, though sometimes it's for the best of reasons - involvement with 18-month-old granddaughter. For example, I'm about to put the house back together after her weekend visit! Snow, part of my reason for not changing anything here is not being motivated enough to figure out any new layout stuff. It's really only the writing (and photos) that interests me. But I do wish I would get down to tackling some serious topics more often, as you do in yours. 'Mature' age brain going a bit mushy, I'm afraid (mine, that is, not yours).

The Blog Fodder said...

Hi, Char. Great pictures. I take it spring is well sprung down in Oz?

Chartreuse said...

Yes, spring is finally here after a long and very dry winter. Hoping to be in the pool before too long, but first must get some vegetables planted. Have been very slack and only things coming up in my vegie bed are self-sown tomatoes, lettuce and eggplant. Thanks for visiting.

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