20 May 2012

Winter blooms

It's been so long since my last post that the blogger program has been totally revamped and I'm struggling to master the changes. So I'll keep this simple.

I'm just back from a quick tour of the garden, planning tomorrow's continued attack on two seasons of weed growth. But before my man Nev wades into the poolside vegetation to try and restore some order down there (and even perhaps a partial compliance with the laws re pool surrounds), I had to have a photo of this profusion of ixora that has taken over one section of pool fence. These will have to be cut back, of course, to prevent unsupervised toddlers from climbing up the branches and over the fence, thus gaining access to deep water while we careless adults guzzle white wine somewhere out of sight! But for the moment, the two plants are just a riot of rosey-orange balls. A yellow-flowering ixora nearby has no blooms right now, though it flowered well this summer.

And on the other side of the house, a small bougainvillea is likewise erupting in a riot of orange. This is a potted plant sitting with others on top of an inground water tank that doubles as a late afternoon platform for viewing sunsets. And like most bougainvillea, the more I neglect it, the better the flowers.


Red said...

I wish I had something that colorful and lively. Great shots. Too bad they have to be cut back.

Chartreuse said...

And we are only 10 days away from the first day of winter here! I sure don't miss your kind of winters, Red. They're pretty snowy, right?

Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers and such lovely descriptions. You are an excellent writer as well as many other things. Loved Walle getting into the suitcase! Hugs, gin

Chartreuse said...

If any reader is perplexed about Caregiver's comment re Walle, just see my next post. (Maybe she's a mind reader, you'll say?)

Chartreuse said...

My crazy sister in Louisiana read this blog and tried to post a comment, but wasn't successful. Here's what she wanted to say:
One day I know some stupid American narcotics officer on vacation in OZ sitting next to you in a restaurant is gonna overhear you talking about your "pot" plants and haul your sweet ass off to jail!

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