18 August 2011

Aphasia Music Video

Check out this aphasia music video by Marc Black, with animation by Buzzco.

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Anonymous said...

I JUST FOUND THIS VIDEO. I shared it with some of the family. I love the let's talk Heart to Heart and the soothing music. Thanks for finding and sharing it. I found a sight today I thought you may like...
I will email the link to you. How to plant an Emily Dickinson garden! Why not! Gin

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I started this blog in 2009 when I became a full-time caregiver. My husband had been diagnosed a few years earlier with primary progressive aphasia. Over the next four years until his death in 2013, we went on a journey of discovery about this rare condition. My blog is about what I learned, how we both coped and how the journey deepened our love and appreciation of each other. Allen’s journey is over, but mine goes on.