08 June 2010

Back on (blog) track

I'm back! Of course, I've been here all along. We both have – A and me! But we've been engaged in a furious round of medical and allied health appointments, as well as participating in two different sets of aphasia clinics, each lasting several months – one in Brisbane (therefore that's a whole day's commitment each time) and one closer to home on the Sunshine Coast. Then A began a series of weekly physiotherapy sessions at the rehab hospital where he was a patient following his hospitalisation in 2009. What with running around to all these places and helping A in the routine tasks of daily living that he hasn't been able to do without aid since he fractured his shoulder in a fall in late March, I have been just too busy to spend much time here on blogging.

We are still seeing various doctors about a problem with A's kidneys, a condition probably exacerbated by all the antibiotics that were required to save his life from that terrible post-surgical bone infection. He may need a minor surgical procedure to insert a stint into one kidney to alleviate that problem, but I'm assured this is a minor procedure, one I hope will require only local anaesthetic.

So things are getting back to 'normal', or what we've now come to accept as normal. A's shoulder bone is finally healing – though we had a big scare after two months when one doctor suggested the fracture wasn't healing and so might need some kind of surgical intervention. But a specialist bone doctor put our fears to rest, saying he could definitely see new bone forming. And now we can see evidence ourselves that the shoulder is getting better.

This morning I heard a yelp from the kitchen, where A was busy unloading the dishwasher (that in itself another sign he's getting better!) I was briefly afraid he'd done some damage or fallen again. But it turned out this was a yelp of joy, because he'd just been able for the first time since his fall to raise his arm high enough to hang up the pots from last night's dinner!

This week is the first week in months that we are able to spend almost every day at home. All we have is one doctor's appointment and one physiotherapy session. Oh, and a Film Society screening on Wednesday evening (The Eclipse). As a result, I've been able to spend the first two days of this week in the garden. From just one small section of garden bed on a terrace above the swimming pool, I've cut out a whole trailer-load of a terrible new vine-like weed that has sprung up in the past year (don't know the name, but it has awful bean-like fruits so will probably sprout again; I will need to be vigilant). A has spent the first two mornings of the week at his new pastime – drawing. We are retired, at last!

Incidentally, doesn't our new pergola look great? Can you imagine any better use of the top of a 40,000 litre rainwater tank? Now watch this space and soon you'll see a few other scenes from my newly weeded garden!


Anonymous said...

Really great to see you back blogging! Love the pergola. Looks lovely. Take care, Nan

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you back too. Missed you. Love looking at your pics of your surroundings there.
Your cousin, Sandy in USA

Chartreuse said...

I'm so intrigued to see a note from 'Sandy'! Could that be Uncle Ray's daughter???? That's the only cousin I can think of by that name - though god knows I did have heaps of cousins so maybe I'm forgetting about one. WHO ARE YOU? (My email address is down below, in the ABOUT ME section, if you want to get in touch some time.)

Gabrielle Bryden said...

Sounds a thoroughly hectic and tiring time for you both. Glad things are settling down. That pergola looks fantastic - a relaxing place to sit.

Chartreuse said...

GABRIELLE: Yes it certainly is a great spot. We had a friend staying over Christmas, and he set up in that chair for a good part of every day - with a book and an endless cup of coffee.
SANDY: Thanks for the email and great to make contact. I've got an answer half-written. Should reach you soon.

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