08 April 2010

Back to school for Sam

Sadly, grandson Sam went home today. But we had happy times during his week-long visit – including our Valley Rattler excursion described in an earlier post and yesterday's trip to the cinema to see How to Train your Dragon, in 3-D no less. (In spite of a booming soundtrack, Granpa managed to sleep through a good part of the movie.)

Sam found lots to do at home, too. On this visit, he only managed to fit in one long swim. He usually spends hours in the pool every day when he visits, but this time we were so busy and on some days the temperature was a bit too cool to be tempting. Even so, he got in a good few hours while I weeded a garden bed alongside the pool.

On our last evening before Sam's departure, we drove down to an off-the-track part of Doonan for a bit of roo-spotting, along roads that have never before failed to yield a good number of wallabies feeding at dusk.

Unfortunately, this time we didn't see a single wallaby, though we did come face to face with a small group of beautiful young bulls calmly feeding. Sam tried to photograph them, but managed to get only one rump. He did get some lovely shots of a beautiful sunset, however, including this one of a truly spectacular cloud formation.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he had a fine time. Stupid me thought there were 2 weeks holidays so thought we had heaps of time to do stuff - my kids are very unimpressed with me - they go back on Tuesday.

Zoe said...

Not to be too much of a fuss pot, but I think you'll find the cereal is Nutri-Grain not Special K, which might explain the cereal's "Ohhh" expression if it thought you were calling it by the wrong name ;-)

Chartreuse said...

I was just testing you....to see if you're out there.

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