13 March 2010

Household tidbits for my sister!

As noted this morning on Facebook (which my sister refuses to join!) I am about to begin making slipcovers for (or perhaps reupholster - I haven't yet decided which) our big living-room couch with a grey-on-grey damask-like print that should go well with the cushions I will make from some of the many Lao fabrics I am holding in hues of black and red. Maybe because I'm in this uphostering mood, I couldn't help but notice in today's Australian that an expensive couch featured in a full-page ad should have had the left and right seat cushions reversed, so that the vertically running stripes on each cushion front would match the stripes on the couch base. (After all, it was once my job to notice these things for magazine shoots!)

Here's the lightweight tapestry-like fabric I bought for my couch covers. The colour is grey-on-grey, with a sprig-like pattern in subtle tones of dusty-pink and a lighter grey – just enough of a print to help disguise future stains and spills, but still match up nicely with the beautiful patterns in the Lao woven fabrics I will use for cushions. This cloth is of indeterminate genesis (perhaps some cotton, some polyester, and/or something else), and was on a 'specials' table. I had intended to buy just a small sample to test for washability, but when I brought it up to the counter the ticket was scanned and the price quoted at one-third the marked ticket price – so I bought 13m on the spot. Since then I have washed and dried a swatch, and it's come up fine. I never could resist a bargain, but anyway it's exactly what I was looking for.

The expensive couch I referred to above (a copy of which is reproduced here –  and it looks very much like my own much less expensive model, I just realised) was the focal point today in a full page advertisement for a high-end furniture salesroom, and even the sale price was in the thousands of dollars. But really, the advertising agency should have sent along someone who knows about soft furnishings when staging the shoot. Then maybe the left and right cushions would have been set down in the right place – so that each cushion's stripes would match up with the stripes on the couch base below. At this price, a woeful mismatch as shown here would be grounds for a refund, surely. Is it because I'm immersed in planning slipcovers that I notice such things? Or is it just a leftover from my days of supervising Women's Weekly photo shoots for fashion and food pages (where steam had somehow to be generated to accompany hot dishes, no matter how long the photographer took to get his shot)? Or is it just that I'm hopelessly addicted to petty details? (If so, that's probably what made me a good editor.) Now before I segue into even more diabolical non sequiturs, I shall return to my sewing machine.

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Anonymous said...

Goodness me - what were they thinking! Well spotted.

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